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Vinhomes Golden River-diamond terrain the city of the future, the pattern of ecological urban area the only Waterfront District 1, luxurious design, perfect add-on populations, set up community upstream is the 5 factors "Gold: which Vinhomes the Golden River are holding.

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Diamond young city location

15 inches 15 inches gold "land" was extremely accurate for the increasingly tight land in Ho gì Minh City and this is the element of "gold" made of Vinhomes class Golden River. Specifically, the project will create on the part of the Three shipyards in G, while here the location that any real estate project would wish and want lớn own.

Moreover, it was a relatively new kind of long circuits, is the location of the future city of diamonds when just surrounded the Saigon River, located in the heart of District 1. gàn affirm that, Vinhomes the Golden River is unique urban project in the County for full convergence "3 factors for myopia, the second approach giang, tam access highway" with the value "low land" diamond Decimeters.

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In addition, the project Vinhomes the Golden River also has 2 façades on the "lifeblood" of the city: ton Duc Thang-Nguyen Huu gác. In particular, the station of metro 3 Online Stream First commissioned submarine-Ben in the project and when complete, the route will connect Vinhomes Golden River with Vinhomes Central Park, creating that unique continuous between the two urban areas for the city.

Urban ecology only Riverside County 1

Vinhomes the Golden River is the only exception was that both the real estate world utopian when carrying a riverine eco-town set right into the Palm of the County. The project includes 25.29 hectares, with extremely low construction density of 18.6% and developed according lớn the great ecological model.


Together, Vinhomes Golden River also are top real estate experts expect that the whole country, the project will become the scene of "a" and this is entirely hypothetical. Specifically, the inner landscape of the zone where it will be the world's leading contractor-EDSA (USA) designed and built with the category: square, Park, jogging along rivers, waterfalls, fountains, garden maintenance ... Will all bring a different living space and standard class of advanced urban areas in the world.

In particular, Vinhomes Golden River also is the only municipality in the County for possession of extremely expensive vision-vision 4 in 1:

View1: the Saigon River, thiem tunnel.
View2: most County Center with court Bitexco
View3: lush Botanic
View4: Landmark 81-the symbol of the new era of prosperity Vinhomes Central Park

Luxurious design

Vingroup are considered "super State product" of the Vingroup, when the investment sour and extremely corrugation billion design introspection, architecture was by the world's leading corporations such as: group, Gensler Corporation EDSA.

In particular, all the Vinhomes apartment Golden River will be delivered with the whole super high-end furniture, come from the brand Bosch, Duravit, Hansgrohe (Germany) ... at the same time, the apartments also are wrapped-Smarthome applications, advanced, the solar energy hot water system and water purification systems to European standards.

Vinhomes the Golden River is the legacy project and promote models of "a city within a city" with internal utility infrastructure perfect areas of education, health, sports, entertainment, shopping.

Also when living in Golden Vinhomes Rive, guests will experience a life of comfort and perfect with 5 star amenities such as: boating, mini golf, indoor swimming pool, tropical gardens, squares ...

Level are constructed from unique positions, Senior Designer, Vinhomes Golden River is considered the location considered where an ideal residence of great entrepreneurs, leaders, celebrities, have the knowledge, status in society and this community that aim lớn create the project.

Sure, with the investment and development of the Vingroup-the most expensive REAL ESTATE brand-Vietnam (by Brand Finance vote 2015), the most prestigious REAL ESTATE owner Vietnam 2016 (report of Vietnam Report), then Vinhomes the Golden River will be the brightest and most with the title of "Super bon ton products 2016".


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